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Stage Rehearsal
Tuesday May 28th, Wednesday May 29th, Thursday May 30th & Friday May 31st

All students are to come to stage rehearsal in their recital t-shirt and black shorts. Dancers can wear whichever color tights they would normally wear for the show. Hair should be pulled back in a pony tail, or bun (for ballet classes.) Dancers will NOT need to change their tights or hair if they have multiple dances during stage rehearsal. Male dancers should wear their recital t-shirt and black shorts. 

*Costume and hair information is available on the parent portal*

  • Stage rehearsal is mandatory and is important for your dancer to understand the flow of backstage, and be familiar with their spacing on the stage.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time

    • Use the parking deck catty corner to Symphony Hall to park​

    • Enter through the side entrance of Symphony Hall

  • If doing a combo class, tap will go first

  • In order for us to stay on time during dress rehearsal, it is extremely important you are timely and organized. If you arrive late, you may miss your dancer's stage time. 

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