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Picture Week:
Sunday May 15th - Saturday May 21st 

  • Pictures will be held during your regularly scheduled class time, please continue to follow your MODIFIED class time to help with smooth transitions. (competition students - check your email)

  • Students are to arrive dressed in full costume. This includes the proper tights, shoes and hairstyle. All of this information is available on the parent portal under COSTUMES. Make up is optional for pictures.

  • Once ready, your teacher will come outside to get the dancers. Please have them in their dance shoes and with minimal belongings. Once they complete their photo and running their dance, they will be brought back outside. Parents, please wait in your car, do not leave.

  • If your dancer is in a combo class (tap/ballet or tap/jazz) you may choose which shoes and costume accessories they wear for their individual picture. A document will be added on the parent portal with all of the combo classes and what they will be wearing for their group photo. 

  • If dancers need to change for another class, Studio B will be available as a dressing room on a very limited basis. You are also encouraged to change in your vehicles, or at home, if time permits.

    • Parents are only permitted to help if absolutely necessary.  

    • Please do not linger, once you are changed you are to return outside, and wait for your instructor. 

  • NEW! There will be NO picture order forms. You will be able to view your proofs 10 days after your picture. An email will be sent with an access code. If you don’t see it in your inbox, please check your junk mail. 

  • NEW! Pictures will be mailed to your home once selected and paid for. 

  • We will be allowing sibling photos. Both dancers need to be fully ready during one of the dancer’s time slot. 


If you have any questions on portrait packages, please contact Christmas City Studio prior to picture day at 610-691-2109.

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